A Regional One Day Workshop

May 1st at St. Joseph Hospital, Beth Page NY


Speakers:  Karen Zander, Dr. Seth Blumberg and Bonnie Geld

Go to our website at www.cfcm.com to for a full brochure, registration and other upcoming locations!

Fee is 395.00

Ceu’s for Nursing, Case Managers and Social Workers


è Evaluate your current Case Management structures and processes against the newest demands of the health care reimbursement environment—go beyond preventing readmissions and RAC denials!

è Build a comprehensive dashboard for both traditional and the newest Case/Care Management accountabilities

è Review evidence-based practice delivery models for Case/Care Management Services, including MD Collaborative Structures and Triad Model

è Tie your revised model to metrics, including potential ROI (Return on Investment) calculations

è Analyze a minimum of 3 NEW Game-changing tools, skills, and methods to create effective continuum Case/Care Management Services:  Managing 90-Day Bundles, CaseHubs™for ACOs, Population-focused Programs of Care, Restructuring IP and OP Case Managers, CarePort