President's Message

Dear CMSA –NYC members, colleagues and friends;

Thank you for visiting our newly upgraded website and supporting CMSA’s New York Chapter.

The NYC Chapter continues to grow and support excellence.  In 2013, we were the recipient of a Chapter Excellence and Innovation Award for Educational Programming.

As a chapter we are blessed to have among our membership two past recipients of Case Manager of the Year (2009, Cathy Morris; 2012, Laura Ostrowsky).  Their continued chapter involvement and support as Chapter Board Members assist us in producing time and again excellent educational Chapter meetings.

A goal of mine as your newly elected president would be to incorporate the mission and vision of our national association into our Chapter.  My focus would include Education; Public and Political Involvement; and the use of Social Media.

Education:  The Affordable Care Act has and will continue to impact the delivery of HealthCare.  Case Managers are at the forefront of this change throughout the industry.  There is a tremendous need for continuing education for all of our nurse and social worker case managers as they navigate this new world.  Each of Chapter meetings in 2014 will target a specific current topic designed to foster growth and development of knowledge for case managers.

Public and Political Involvement: Being politically involved especially during these times is critical not only on a Chapter level but on a personal level.  CMSA-NYC attended the Policy Summit in Washington, DC in October 2013 and we will be attending again in 2014.  Many thanks goes out to Jose Santoro, Immediate Past President, for his never ending passion for this topic.  If you are interested in attending the 2014 Summit and make an impact in healthcare policy, please contact Jose. All are encouraged and welcome. 

Social Media:  If used correctly, Social Media is a great way to communicate, educate and build membership.  I see its use as critical to every Chapter’s success today and in the future.  The “Twaffle” at our December 2013 Chapter meeting kicked off our official use of Twitter.  We are making our foot print known out there.  Please follow us on Facebook, our webpage and Twitter. All are invited to attend our Chapter meetings and encouraged to tweet out to those who are missing a great educational opportunity. 

Thanks to our Board of Directors’ dedication, vision and support, this Chapter is in store for a wonderful and exciting 2014.  Stay tuned for great things.


Gail M Gongaware

President CMSA- NYC